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Dec 29, 2012 6:00pm EST
to get hold of the tapes. harry o'connor was the producer of reagan's radio broadcasts. in fact, he was in hollywood at the time, in the '70s, and suggested the radio broadcasts to reagan as his governorship was coming to an end. he gave those to the hoover institution, and the hoover institution, as a result partly, i think, of this book, has had the old crumbling tapes and vinyl records from the '70s converted to cd so that they will be preserved. c-span: so they're all on cds now? >> guest: they're--they're all on cds. c-span: how many of them are there? >> guest: oh, gosh, there are, you know, over a thousand. so they're every... c-span: over a thousand radio broadcasts. >> guest: broadcasts, and they've all been saved. and so that's a--just a great project. and i think it--our book really--it--it works well with the radio broadcasts to see what he wrote. you see the original draft. the radio--the actual broadcasts are slightly different, if you read along, because that was a final version, and he might change a word or two. c-span: it--it strikes me that if you hadn't asked for
Dec 1, 2012 4:15pm EST
, or o'connor and they might open up after i'm dead. but historically that's been a great source of information and i'm worried about history. there's famous story of bess truman burning harry truman's love letters and harry truman saw her and said, what are you doing, think of history? and she replied, i am thinking of history. and she burned the letters. i'm worried the justices are thinking about history, too, and it's to our detriment. >> i want to talk about asking justices for interviews. i do think that if you ask them for an interview on a particular topic they feel comfortable talking about -- for instance, justice breyer, a fairly easy justice to interview, about what it's like to be the senior justice because he served for almost 11 years in the role of senior justice. i think he was bested by joseph story for a couple weeks so he notice record holder but he was happy to talk about that aspect of the court and how seniority fits into it. so it's easier to approach them about a certain subject. in my book i was planning on interviewing them all, and at jeff was saying,
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2